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Today we’d like to introduce you to Melissa Armstrong.

Melissa, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
How did I get to where I am today? How much time do you have? I come from a traumatic upbringing that consisted of emotional, sexual and physical abuse. This, in turn, led me from a young age to develop skin issues, digestive issues and a psychiatric diagnosis of major depression and ADHD. From the earliest moment I can recall, the age of two years old, I was conditioned in fear and I disconnected from myself and the world around me as a means of psychological and physical survival.

Looking back, I felt isolated. Alone. Depressed. I was scared to be in my own home. The experiences I went through were certainly life interrupting and traumatizing. In the midst of all of the abuse and neglect, I had an unhealthy relationship with my mother; though however lost she was, she was always seeking spiritual guidance. I learned transcendental meditation with her at the age of 9. I recall to this day having my first out of body experience where I felt I had levitated! It was the first moment of my life where I didn’t feel afraid.

This practice of meditation carried me through some very difficult moments. I didn’t understand it logically. But it enlivened this unscathed part of me and allowed me to feel safe, if only momentarily and occasionally I was treated kindly and respectfully by adults I cherished those uplifting moments. Earlier still, I had angel and spirit encounters in my dreams and what I believed to be my waking life. Yet again, I couldn’t explain it, I didn’t share it but it felt normal to me, even if I was abnormal and strange to the rest of the world.

I also read every self-help book I could get my hands on from my mom’s stack of books on her bookshelf. I recall a Wayne Dyer book on Instant Enlightenment. I don’t know what it was about the word “Satori” that set my heart on fire but it did! I made hanging ceiling decorations of these Satori banners held up with tape and yarn. I didn’t comprehend what instant enlightenment signified but it sure made me feel something!

When I sensed danger, I would hide in a dark crawl space and play with concealed away baseball cards (never telling anyone, until now!) of my secret sanctuary. When I was bored of baseball cards, I would read or pray to something until the voices searching for me had finally stopped. I hid as often as I could to keep myself safe. I went through my entire childhood, high school years, and beginning college years in this depressed, disconnected state. I was incredibly lost and still very much alone. There were highs and lows but many more lows as this was my norm.

At 19, I met my first Reiki Master. I was intrigued. I studied and learned and grasped new concepts and energy and healing. I now had a decade of self-help books, meditation and Reiki to begin awakening myself. It wasn’t until I met my now husband that my life would shift. Growing up, I was treated like an incapable child, so at 20 years old that is exactly what I was. For the first time in my life, someone looked at me and saw beyond the pain and self-sabotage. I was immediately in love and I was terrified because I had no comprehension of the real thing. All I had known was mistreatment and abuse.

My skin became the worst it ever had during my first corporate job and after topically destroying it along with what threads were left of my self-esteem, I decided to become a makeup artist so I could learn how to cover it – it was nearly a decade I had suffered with skin issues and concluded nothing could help it at this point – I enrolled myself in esthetics school. One week in and that internal fire came to life. The knowledge and education of the bodily systems, the entire anatomy of a single skin cell, I became fascinated and in awe. I made a couple friends but I could never let anybody in. So although I felt alone with what felt like cliques surrounding me, I had a passion.

I excelled at projects and exams and 9 months later with a full-time job I was licensed. I loved the intimacy and safety of the one-on-one client sessions. My very client that counted as a sign of number for me to graduate – is still with me to this day. I hid my acne and rosacea under layers and layers of makeup that I dreaded having removed when someone needed me as their facial or waxing client. It wouldn’t be for years to come through intuitive wisdom and self-education that I could clear my skin of scars, redness, and bumps.

I had to overcome trauma, the core belief that I don’t matter, life-crippling fear (an actual fear of witnessing a death or dying myself), and a shame-filled self-image. Due to the abuse I experienced, I went from a straight-A student to, let’s call them really bad grades. I had to retake some classes senior year. And I didn’t care about a thing. Except for English, Science and maybe Art class. You could see the decline in the report cards the older I got.

I was obsessed with skincare and makeup and could not understand why some girls had flawless skin and seemingly happy lives. This seemed unreachable to me and of course, made me more depressed! To this day I am not sure if skincare and cosmetic products were an inner calling or if it was a mere distraction from the pain that kept me in hiding. I had no concept of alive versus non-alive ingredients and therefore no clue over the receptive

At the age of 29, I had my daughter, became a wife and left a challenging work environment – as a medical esthetician. Though this is where I became a community educator teaching skin cancer prevention and various topics to large companies on their lunch hour. This would be another turning point in my life. Two weeks after I delivered my daughter who came three weeks early, I treated my first client under my own business out of the office den of our apartment. Many times I tried to quit even though I had found something that would become my calling. I questioned, I healed, I learned, repeat.

To this day, I am a global skin wellness coach, customized organic skincare formulator, and a Reiki Master soon to be a teacher. I became certified in fascia release, lymphatic drainage, Oncology esthetics, herbalism, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Thai herbal massage to name a few categories of mind, body, spirit healing modalities. My clinic has offered mind, body, spirit Reiki Facials for many years. I became the healing energy practitioner I was born to be. My own inner healing opened myself up to discover my talents and gifts as an intuitive energy worker.

And to go after my passion for guiding others to healing their skin at the source level as I have done for myself. My skin was my pathway into a journey back to self. I now have the best marriage, family and business that extend past my wildest dreams. I am so blessed and live most of my days in Trust and Receptivity. I am living through love and not fear and I guide others to do the same through heart connective healing skin renewal sessions.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
-Poor self-image,
-No self-confidence except for those strength filled moments where I chose to be with my husband despite familial opinions, enroll myself in skincare school and ultimately create a business from a dream deep within me.
-Continued abuse from family well into my twenties,
-Being afraid of the only person who ever loved me for me and saw beyond my pain and insecurities
-Nontrust, fear, unworthiness, self – loathing. Feeling like a failure primarily my entire life. Feeling like a child as an adult.
-Severe depression and leave behind all of the meds I was prescribed.

I had to get over all of these struggles. And I have.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Cleanse In Truth Skincare – what should we know?
My company stands for walking in one’s own truth, discovered by a reconnection of their own inner light and Love. We believe in breaking through all of the fallacy, hype, and false advertisements and providing truth among functional skin education, ingredients, and emotional energy clearing.

I specialize in self-connectivity that begins at the skin level and quickly transcends into the heart space of an individual. I have the ability to see through the depths of the skin layers. I am an energy reader and I listen and hear my client’s mind, body, and spirit speaking to me – sometimes well before they hear it themselves.

I specialize in skincare creations. Every single product is a new concept never before created. Each facial and skincare product is new and evolves as the skin grows and expands into its original state of wellness. I innately use facial, body, and spacial chakras to guide the energy clearing and replace those energy centers with renewable energy and forward momentum. This work is immediately transformative and powerful to those who are receptive and ready for their shift.

I am known for providing a safe heart-holding space for my clients to simply and only Be. Be with themselves and learn to become comfortable with their beingness.

I am most proud of what I overcame, and realizing by the message of some spiritual guides, that I am a healer not because of my past story, that I am a healer because I am a healer. Although it was a challenge in the early stages of my life, I found the strength that was covered by others’ insecurities that were layered on top of my authentic self.

Inner healing and becoming a skin and spiritual heart connectivity guide is my life’s calling and I followed that calling. I am most proud and honored to have my husband as my business and life partner. I am most proud that to this day, I keep advancing and expanding my goals, ideas and dreams that I have for my current and future clients.

I am most proud to be a visionary and a creator in my own life and to guide others to release their past emotional blocks as I have so they too can become curators of true inner peace and joy in their own lives. I am most proud to offer authentic organic custom formulations that support my client’s skin healing all the way to its purest level of health and regeneration – no matter the condition, type or tone, I have the ability to treat any skin condition if I am met with receptivity, openness and trust.

Lastly, I am most proud of the transformative shifts I have witnessed in thousands of clients over the span of my career. I am awed and inspired by all of my clients as I watch and feel their energy expansion with each renewal session we experience together. I am most proud to admire what I have created. A loving, lightworking community all ready to share their lights and inspire others to do the same. I help open the way-showers to their most authentic versions of themselves.

What set’s me apart? My intuition and my space holding and love for my client and my craft. I have mastered my craft and the art of guiding to mind, body, spirit connection, Reiki infused custom blend organic handcrafted formulations that grow with my client’s spiritual growth. I have no protocols, but I let the client’s energy and skin tell me what it needs each and every time. I perform renewal sessions from a space of Trust. The products that create themselves through my craft and my hands are absolutely unique to my client and amazing!

my ability to see, hear and feel what my clients’ hearts need before they may even be aware themselves. My ability to guide to empowerment, love, light, and freedom be means of skincare truths and education; and discovering their own inner self-worth, love and light beingness. Oh, and most clients experience weightlessness during their renewal sessions! We may soar together among the skies and the stars. With patience, I have the unwavering ability to guide my clients to their joy and their skin to its healthiest.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
There have been many spirit guides who have shown up in my life, for a minute, a day, several months, years and then, poof, they disappeared from my life like magic.

I am grateful to each and every one for coming down to help me when I was at my most pained and felt the most isolated. Again, my clients to me are my earth angels, every single one of them, male/ female does not matter. I have something to learn from each and every one. Whether it is to better guide to heart opening or follicle lifting, or help me to be a better practitioner, mother or life partner, I learn from every single client with every session I have.

Now for the real credit. My adoring, ever so handsome, amazing, wonderful Husband. He is the most selfless individual I have ever met. He puts everyone’s needs and comforts before his own and he challenges me to be my best self and to think for myself- even though it seems I prefer to spend much of my energy battling him instead of learning from him. He has been my biggest fan and the only person who has loved me and wanted nothing in return. He is my true earth angel and the honor is mine that he chose me.

He is my life partner, my business partner and the grounding that I need to remain focused and calm when life feels overwhelming and unbearable. Since he became my business partner two years ago our business has soared to new heights because of the practical and emotional guidance I receive from him, and we both acknowledge it is only the beginning of the expansion that is in store for us. Slow and steady and non-rushed, just the way we prefer things.

I have grown into a strong empowered woman, mother, and business owner I was meant to be because of my husband.

He is my true sanctuary that I dreamed of having when I was a little girl. He believes in offering respect and efficiency, courtesy and kindness and making a difference in peoples’ lives from a foundation of truth and love. He is the first person in my life to show me love, no matter the condition he stood by me without a doubt. Because of this incredible man who saw the truth of what we could create together, we have the most beautiful home, family and business I could only dream of.

He shows me every day how to manifest my dreams through acts of self-care, peace, belief, and self-love. I only wish I can do for him what he has done for me. He is a man of many roles and he handles fatherhood and business ownership with ease. He is soon to be our first custom-blending specialist (aside from myself, of course).