Acne Treatments – Before & After Results in Inverness Illinois

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Melissa is AWESOME!

She has helped me to heal my skin dramatically and uncover the root causes of the problem. Melissa is highly knowledgeable and invests herself into providing a customized healing regimen for each of her clients’ personal needs. She is so kind and personable – I am so blessed to have worked with her!!

-Alyssa R.

I am so grateful!

Emotionally, the struggle of acne took a toll on my overall well-being. Melissa helped me through this in a way no one has before, guiding me through the sessions in order to find myself that had felt missing for so long. Before working with Melissa, I had tried basically everything to clear my skin but nothing seemed to work topically which channeled all my emotions inside. Although it was not an easy process, I have learned so much through clearing my skin from the inside out and I will forever be grateful for how much Melissa has helped me through this.

-Lindsey Kautz

Highly Recommend Melissa For Acne!

Since I started seeing Melissa about a year ago, my skin is really cleared up and I feel much more confident in my appearance. I highly recommend seeing Melissa, especially if you’re struggling with acne.

-Fabian Halblander

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